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MedInformatix was one of the first in our industry to launch a Customer Advisory Board. Comprised of medical, technology, finance and administrative representatives from the MedInformatix customer community, the board advises MedInformatix leadership on a wide range of customer-facing matters such as product development, customer service and a wide range of ever-changing industry issues, trends, and topics . The Board meets several times a year and jointly during the annual MedInformatix Summit.

Customer Advisory Board - Radiology Chapter Members

Aaron Bathum

Northwest Radiologists, Inc.

Alicia Gates

Northwest Radiologists, Inc.

Sagit Frasier
Primary Member

X-Ray Associates of New Mexico

Jeremy Franklin
Primary Member

Austin Radiological Association MSO, LLC

Denise Lucarelli
Primary Member

Advanced Radiology Consultants

Michael Quinn
Primary Member

Jefferson Radiology

Joshua Haney
Primary Member

Diagnostic Centers of America

Phyllis Fulk
Primary Member

Imaging for Women

Rick Arnold
Primary Member

Fairfax Radiological Consultants, PC

Customer Advisory Board - Ambulatory Chapter Members

Colleen Naughton

Midwest Eye Care

Steve Hopland

Medical Care, PLLC

Erin Hundley
Primary Member

White’s Pediatrics

Connie Kleber
Primary Member

Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants

Kristen Carpenter, RN
Primary Member

Capelle Uro/Gyn

Dr. Cynthia Walsh
Primary Member

Pineview Gynecology